RF inductors

Most of the standard product RF inductors on the market today simply don’t deliver outstanding performance. We know exactly how to nail your Q requirement, and we have extensive experience delivering tuned inductors, at tolerances as tight as 1%. In fact, we recently won an innovative product design award for our 203 series product. Whether your application is delivering power, or used in a signal application we have a proven solution for you. If you don’t see the RF inductors you need in our standard product offerings, give us a call and we will build a customer prototype for you.

203 rf inductors

WCM203 Series SMD RF Inductor

  • Inductance from 0.039 to 10.0 µH
  • Low profile: 4 mm height
  • Q > 100
  • SMD, Tape and Reel
202 high q rf inductors

WCM202 Series High Q RF Inductor

  • Inductance: 39 nH to 10 µH
  • Pretuned to ± 5% tolerance
  • Q is 90 minimum to 150 minimum
  • Surface Mount
201 rf inductors

WCM201 Series Tuneable RF Inductor

  • Inductance : 1 µH to 60 µH
  • Tuneable ± 9%
  • Q is 90 minimum to 150 minimum
  • Surface Mount and Through Hole
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