A Course in Power Electronic Design

Are you keeping current with SMPS magnetics?

Materials and designs are evolving into smaller, lighter and cheaper devices at higher frequencies. SMPS magnetics are now being designed for much higher power applications, greatly reducing size and improving efficiency over linear designs. 507

The course emphasizes a practical approach to design and will cover such topics as:

  • Trends in core materials
  • Choosing the right core for your application
  • Controlling winding losses at high frequencies
  • Design for cost reduction
  • SMPS transformer design
  • Buck/boost/PFC inductor design
  • Resonant circuit magnetics
  • Common mode choke design
  • Current sense design using magnetics

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from Weyman Lundquist.
He will bring you up to date on current trends and share his magnetics design secrets with you.

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Contact us now to schedule a seminar at your company's facility. Pricing is as follows:

  • $495 per participant
  • Minimum enrollment, 3 participants
  • Enroll 4 or more participants and receive a 20% discount on total enrollment fee
  • Weyman Lundquist's travel expenses billed in addition

Weyman Lundquist


BS, with Engineering Major, Dartmouth

MSME, UC Berkeley

MS Engineering Management, Stanford

Recognized as one of the leading designers in the field of magnetics, Weyman is dedicated to advancing the technology of power magnetic design. A significant portion of his award winning work has focused on predicting and reducing winding losses in power inductors and transformers. In partnership with researchers at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, new discoveries have been made which significantly advance the understanding of power magnetics technology. These discoveries have resulted in improved magnetic devices for the power electronics industry. Weyman is an active lecturer and instructor and an avid sportsman.

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