Markets Served

WCM’s engineers create and build designs for leading industries throughout the U.S. Whether customizing solutions for critical surgical devices or in service of national defense, we meet your most stringent regulatory and industrial requirements.

Semiconductor Manufacturing
The technology for manufacturing semiconductor devices is evolving rapidly. Process frequencies are increasing and requirements for processing equipment stability and reliability are exceptionally demanding. WCM has a well funded R and D effort to develop multi-channel filter assemblies designed to eliminate RF energy at process frequencies. WCM is presently working in conjunction with a number of the world’s leading semiconductor processing equipment companies to design and build filtering products that are helping to keep many of the world’s largest fabs running every day.
Test and Measurement
WCM excels at the design and manufacture of one-off high spec magnetic components. Our singular capability for custom design of power and RF transformers and inductors is enriched by our on-going research into new technology for magnetics for power conversion at frequencies from 1 MHz to 5 MHz. This frequency range straddles the high frequency spectrum of most SMPS applications and the lower frequency spectrum of RF applications, yielding useful insights into both high and low frequency areas.
WCM has completed over 500 successful designs for the medical device industry, most used in patient critical surgical devices, and we are a qualified supplier to 30 key players in this field. We supply both custom magnetic components and turn-key chassis mount electronic assemblies.

WCM has worked the design side of the regulatory process for over 10 years and we provide engineering support for design built to CSA/UL/TUV requirements. West Coast Magnetics is certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485. Tape and reel standard for volumetric requirements.
Military and Aerospace
The military and aerospace markets are driven by high reliability and narrowly defined electrical, mechanical and operational specifications as well as full compliance with MIL spec requirements. WCM’s on-going R and D effort is focused on new transformer and inductor technology with the goal of making these components smaller, lighter, more efficient and more reliable. Many of our designs, including high frequency switching power supply transformers and inductors, are being employed in the service of the national defense industry, and also in many commercial aircraft flying in the skies today. WCM’s Stockton facility is ITAR certified.
WCM serves a number of companies that are OEM suppliers to the communications market. A few important applications include the design/build of tuned RF inductors for microwave radios, the design support/build of high voltage magnetics used for satellite communication amplifiers, and the design/build of filtering magnetics used in very high data rate optical switching equipment.
The use of power electronics is widespread within most industrial applications, and WCM’s business in this segment reflects this diversity. A few of our important applications include the manufacture of bonded solenoid coils for electric actuators, the design/build of tuned RF filtering assemblies for high frequency wafer etch equipment, and the design and manufacture of 2.5 kW noise cut filter to deliver ultraclean power for semi-conductor processing equipment.
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