Custom Isolation Transformers

Low power switch mode power supply SMPS transformer

Low Power SMPS

With 125 watts of 250 kHz power in a package only 13 mm high, this transformer really delivers. And with 4000 Vac of isolation and lots of creepage and clearance it is ideal for patient isolation applications.
medical grade isolation transformer

Medical Grade

Isolation – medical: this transformer is ideal for any switch mode power application requiring high isolation. It is suitable for power levels from 250 Watts to 3 kW, and frequencies from 10 kHz to 500 kHz. Our customers are raving at how much power they can get out of this package, which is only 27 mm high. Since this is a custom, you tell us your specific requirements, and our team will fill in the blanks.

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When standard components don’t fit your needs, our teams will engineer a solution.We design and manufacture custom transformers and inductors.

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