Custom Isolation Transformers

The engineers at West Coast Magnetics will optimize the design of any of our isolation transformers to your specific price/size/thermal requirements by drawing from all common magnetic materials. Review any of our product sheets and let us know your requirements. Or, let us create new design to fit your form and functional specifications.

WCM410-60MG Switch Mode Transformer

WCM410-60MG is designed for applications requiring a high level of isolation and is particularly suited to medical devices. Using litz wire to minimize losses at SMPS frequency, this package will support power levels up to 2 kW and has a moderate temperature rise at RMS power levels up to 1 kW. The geometry is suitable for pushpull, full bridge, half bridge and forward converter applications. Flybacks can also be supported with an optional gapped core. The primary windings can be connected in a parallel or series configuration to accommodate different topologies and input voltages. This semi custom product requires the specification of the (Max.) secondary winding, allowing it to support a wide range of output voltages as well as multiple secondary windings.
medical grade isolation transformer

Medical Grade Isolation Transformer

This transformer is ideal for any switch mode power application requiring high isolation. It is suitable for power levels from 250 Watts to 3 kW, and frequencies from 10 kHz to 500 kHz. Our customers are raving at how much power they can get out of this package, which is only 27 mm high. Since this is a custom, you tell us your specific requirements, and our team will fill in the blanks.
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