Noise Cut Transformers

Manufacturing equipment used in the chip processing industry is sensitive to electromagnetic noise at very low levels. Providing clean power to this equipment reduces the likelihood of line power perturbations and noise migrating into the chip processing electronics. WCM’s noise cut transformer product, integrating a capacitive element provides more than 40 dBs of noise reduction over a frequency spectrum from 10 kHz to 1 Gigahertz. With emergency machine off and lock out/tag out on the main breaker it is clear why many companies have chosen this product for protection against line transients. See capabilities.

2.5 KVA Noise Cut Transformer (901 Series)

WCM901 Series Noise Cut Transformer

  • Rack mount chassis
  • On/Off contactor with EMO
  • Main breaker with LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out)
  • Side to back forced air cooling
  • Accessories
  • Custom design available
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