WCM700-13-4 RF Filter

WCM700-13-4, is an example of our innovative patent-pending filter design that combines an inductor and capacitor into one device. It functions as a circuit with an inductor and capacitor in parallel. Unlike the parallel LC circuit, it does not suffer from parasitic effects complicating the frequency response. These effects are instead controlled and used to create a resonant frequency and impedance maximum at approximately 13.56 MHz. The filter has high impedance from 12.5 MHz to 14.5 MHz so can filter effectively not only at the peak frequency, but in a range surrounding it. It can withstand a 2.5 kV AC and 3.5 kV DC hipot test between channels; the channels are well isolated from each other despite the small size of the part. This part would be an excellent choice for your high power filtering needs.

Surface Mount