501 smd common mode choke

WCM501 Series SMD Common Mode Choke

WCM501 series common mode chokes are designed to attenuate common mode line noise in switching power supplies. These chokes provide a typical minumum 15 dB of attenuation from 100 kHz to 30 MHz. They are offered in two package styles. A low profile surface mount package is compatible with pick and place equipment. A larger through-hole package offers greater attenuation and is also compatible with pick and place equipment.

Part NumberMinimum Inductance (µH)Rated DC Current(amps)
40° C Temp Rise
Rated DC Current(amps)
25° C Temp Rise
Max Leakage
Inductance (µH)
Max DCR (milliohms)Interwinding Isolation VacMount Style
WCM501-0119800.80.642.53471500Surface Mount
WCM501-0212671.00.827.81801500Surface Mount
WCM501-036361.41.114.3821500Surface Mount
WCM501-044312.01.510.2431500Surface Mount
WCM501-052202.82.25.7201500Surface Mount
WCM501-061414.03.13.9101500Surface Mount
WCM501-07795.74.42.651500Surface Mount
WCM501-0828121.41.148.02041500Through Hole
WCM501-0920132.01.531.51051500Through Hole
WCM501-1010652.82.217.3541500Through Hole
WCM501-115994.03.112.0251500Through Hole
WCM501-124165.74.47.1131500Through Hole
WCM501-132048.16.34.161500Through Hole
WCM501-1410411.28.92.921500Through Hole