Design Kits

For designers that like to wind their own transformers and inductors West Coast Magnetics can provide you kits containing ferrite e-cores and bobbins. Based on our popular WCM410 series, the cores are low loss Mn Zi ferrite and they are intended for use from 50 kHz to 700 kHz. The bobbins are low profile with lots of window area and plenty of pin connections. Isolation up to 5000 Vac can be achieved. Once your design is complete send it to West Coast Magnetics for a quick turn on prototypes.


WCM410-10 and WCM410-20 Kit

For low power applications up to 125 watts.


WCM410-30 and WCM410-40 Kit

For medium power applications up to 450 watts.


WCM410-50 and WCM410-60 Kit

For higher power applications up to 1.5 kW.


WCM410-70 and WCM410-88 Kit

For the highest power application up to 4 kW.