Custom Common Mode Chokes 2

800 uH, 50 amp common mode choke

800 uH, 50 Amp Common Mode Choke

800 uH, 50 amp common mode choke: Using a ferrite core, this common mode choke has very high impedance and can handle 50 amps of RMS power. 2500 Vac of isolation and 3 mm of creepage and clearance put it in a category of passing regulatory agency requirements. The ferrite core is very affordable but if you want the same level of performance in a smaller package, we can substitute an even better core option. Contact WCM to discuss your options.
2 mH SMD common mode choke

2 mH SMD Common Mode Choke

2 mH SMD common mode choke: This compact design delivers very high impedance over a broad frequency spectrum in a compact SMD design. Based on WCM’s 504 series, this choke was modified to meet the demanding requirements of an automotive application. It will handle up to an amp of current, and much higher current for short durations. All materials are minimum class B, 130 C rated, and with 1500 Vac of isolation, this design passes most safety agency requirements
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