Custom Power Inductors

Toroidal Power Inductor

This 1 mH, 8 amp powdered core toroidal inductor is ideal for buck boost applications at power levels up to 10 kW, and frequencies up to 250 kHz. With a soft roll off of L vs. Ipk, very low EMI and low distributed capacitance, this inductor is suitable for applications with up to 10% peak to peak ripple. Different core options and winding options are available depending on the specific design objectives.
high power inductor

Chassis Mount Power Inductor

Chassis Mount 75 uH, 220 Amp.- Used in a wireless charging system for a zero emission all electric bus, this boost inductor manages 100 kW of high ripple current at 10 kHz. Incorporating WCM’s patented foil technology this design has low AC loss and low DC resistance and the core has a high Bsat to handle over 200 amps of peak current.

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