Innovating precision plasma processing

At West Coast Magnetics, we are improving RF filter design, making them more compact and simultaneously able to handle more power.

Our precision plasma processing RF filter eliminates spurious noise in the system, making it an excellent choice for your high-power filtering needs.

In the past, this type of filter utilized multi-component designs which were large, subject to parasitic effects and with properities that varied with temperature. These legacy designs do not filter well at the desired frequenceies when installed due to interactions with the rest of the assembly.

WCM has developed a new patent pending technology which utilizds a single compact device to procide exceptionally high impedance at any chosen RF frequency. This new technology can accomodate multiple channels in a single device, handle high current, and the impedance properities are highly stable with temperature

Continuously tunable to any RF frequency, our filter has been implemented in filters at 13.56 MHz, 27.12 MHz, and 40.68 MHz, with intentions to expand the range into lower and higher frequences. much more space efficient, one protype fit 12 channels into the space, an excellent choice for your high-power filtering needs.

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