SEMICON West 2019

WCM provides advanced RF filtering technology.

Our patent-pending technology improves filtering with:

  • Highly compact, single-component design
  • Multi-channel, high-impedance filters in a single coil
  • Narrow band-pass from 1 MHz to 50 MHz
  • Support for high-power applications
  • Independent filtering at multiple frequencies in series
  • Smaller size and easier sourcing of inductors and capacitors
At West Coast Magnetics we design and manufacture components including high frequency transformers and buck boost inductors for switching power supplies and RF impedance matching transformers, and RF inductors. Our designs use patented winding technologies and unique magnetic cores and bobbins developed by our engineering team.

Thank you for joining us at SEMICON West 2019, July 9-11, San Francisco, CA!


  • High power transformers & inductors
  • Patented winding technologies
  • Low AC & DC resistance
  • Low core loss
  • Innovative compact bobbins & cores
  • Assembly & testing
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