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Isolation transformers

Isolation requirements for patient isolation typically have stringent specifications and often require very low levels of current leakage across the transformer. West Coast Magnetics has designed numerous transformers for the leading medical device manufacturers.

Rotating Transformers

Rotating transformers are used to transfer power across a moving interface. Medical industry applications include catheters, adjustable handheld devices and boring tools.  The choice of core and winding, and tight dimensional tolerances are uniquely critical for this type of design.


Impedance matching transformers

Impedance matching transformers must have a very high SRF and tight coupling between the windings. In many cases patient isolation is also required. WCM has completed impedance matching transformer designs at power levels up to 100 watts.

RF inductors

RF energy is used in many medical device applications and tuned inductors are typically part of the design. WCM has been designing and building RF inductors for 25 years. We are now providing RF inductors tuned to 1%.

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