Stockton, CA

Who We Are

West Coast Magnetics is a world-leading custom manufacturer of precision electronic components used in the medical and aerospace industries. For over 20 years, our mission is to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for product conformance to specification, on-time delivery, service, and value through continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

We have an immediate opening for a PURCHASING ASSOCIATE II.

Basic Function

The function of the Purchasing Associate II is to quote accurate price and delivery on materials, order and expedite materials and maintain records of such, edit and release work orders, and handle RMA/DMR/MRD and MRP processes, be familiar with all purchasing department processes and draft work instructions as needed, and train other purchasing department employees.

Reporting Relationships

The Purchasing Associate II reports to: Purchasing Manager The Purchasing Associate II interfaces with: Purchasing personnel, Sales Department, Document Coordinators, Engineers, Receiving/Stockroom personnel, Quality Control, Accounting Department, Production Managers and President.


Once trained, the Purchasing Associate II has the authority to:

  • Contact vendors to obtain quotes to determine the most favorable pricing and availability
  • Place purchase orders (authority determined by Purchasing Manager)
  • Expedite PO items
  • Handle the RMA, DMR, MRD & MRP processes
  • Data entry of physical counts, transfers, issues, adjustments, and receipts
  • Document detailed and precise purchase order receipt information
  • Edit and release work orders
  • Enter material status information on the work order
  • Produce paperwork as necessary (PO’s DMR’s Packing Slips, etc.)
  • Special ERP processes including ERP Merges, ERP Rebuild Sort Files, ERP WO Purge, and MRP Generation.
  • Train new employees or other Department employees (with Purchasing Manager’s consent) on current or new processes.
  • Create draft Work Instructions for Manager approval.


The Purchasing Associate II has the responsibility to do the following:

  1. Obtain the best cost and shipping dates on supplies and materials ordered from vendors.
  2. Create quote price and delivery spreadsheets with complete, accurate, and precise information.
  3. Order supplies and materials from reliable vendors with favorable prices and delivery.
  4. Accurately process work orders.
  5. Correct inaccuracies or request inaccuracies to be corrected.
  6. Follow processes for returns/receipt discrepancies accurately.
  7. Accurately enter receipt information on our excel copy PO and verify the price for Accounts Payable Department.
  8. Be precise on data entries.
  9. Expedite materials as needed and make sure expedite notes are documented accurately and precisely.
  10. Produce clear, accurate, and precise paperwork/records as needed.
  11. Maintain order history records.
  12. Execute all processes in an accurate and timely manner and as per reference guides/work instructions/training
  13. Work as a team player, so in the end, our customer receives a quality product in a timely matter.
  14. Per the request of the Purchasing Manager or of your own decision, make sure new employees or other department employees are trained on current or new processes
  15. Per the request of the Purchasing Manager or of your own decision, help new employees with workstation set-up.
  16. Assist the Purchasing Manager with special tasks, including ERP Merges, ERP Rebuild Sort Files, ERP WO Purge and MRP Generation.
  17. To understand and have ability to execute all of Purchasing’s standard processes, including Quoting and Purchase Order processes, Receiving Acknowledgment process, Supplier Management processes (qualifying and monitoring of suppliers), Work Order process, Vendor and WCM packing slip processes Expediting process, Past due order process, Discrepant material process, Corrective Action process (internal or supplier), ERP Transaction processes, ERP physical count processes (random physical counts), determining part number for ERP entry process, MRP processes, material obsolescence process, merge process, training matrix, form location, year-end filing process, supplier name change and location change processes. Execute process as referenced in J1 Purchasing Reference Guidance or in various work instructions.
  18. Create draft Work Instructions for Manager approval.

Organizational Values & Culture

WCM members are passionate about growth, innovation, and collaboration. We are constantly striving to improve and better ourselves so that we can better support our clients. If you have a growth mindset and thrive under pressure, you are probably a great fit for our team!

WCM is an equal opportunity employer. We accept and celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an all-inclusive environment for all employees.


Join a dynamic workforce that believes in Learning and Development Opportunities. We offer vacation, medical, dental, vision, 401k, and life insurance packages. Pay is based on experience.

Job Type:
8 hour shift. Monday through Friday.
High school or equivalent (Required)
Work Remotely: